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The whole idea of Kuwait Agro started quite far from Kuwait in Switzerland! Mr. Jamil Sultan was undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. During his time away from the hospital, he developed the hobby of crafting cheese in the houses two car garage. And this was only the beginning.
Following the success of the farming and dairy projects, Jamil initiated the third pillar of Kuwait Agro the poultry layer division. His desire was to produce a higher quality table egg for locals consumption. Eggs would be free-range exceeding and/or matching European comparables imported into Kuwait. Unlike imported eggs, produced eggs would be provided daily to the market.
Although Mr Jamil Sultan is no longer with us (may his soul rest in peace), but his vision and principles still lay as the founding blocks to all of Kuwait Agros current operations.


Animal Farm

Learn more about our animals and how we take care of them.

Open Field

View/stroll through the open field and,
if the time is right, enjoy some produce picking.

Covered Farming

Learn more about our covered farming operations and how it is different from open field farming.

Picnic Area

Plan your day at our picnic area.


enjoy a snack or meal in our farm-based cafe.

Farm Store

Welcome to our shop! Here you’ll find all kinds of farm-fresh items, which you can purchase.

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